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About Kelrik

About Kelrik
Kelrik is the lovechild of Mikkel and Frederik, both based in Copenhagen. Mikkel is a pastry chef with roots at the tip of Amager (a large island adjacent to Copenhagen, with produce and farms and forgotten orchards). His first love is the apple. Frederik is a philosopher with a wild gourmet interest and too much energy to let a good idea die. He first made a gallon of wine on moulding grapes, but quite quickly decided to go the cider way. Together they figured it all out quite nicely and have been producing for some years now, on an amateur level. They won Best Cider from Amateurs in 2019. 
The production is extremely small scale, and everything is hand-made with local ingredients, and to the taste of the local community. In 2020 Kelrik produced 460 bottles of cider. This is their first debut outside of Denmark, and Love, Wine is happy to be part of that. Exclusively available at Love, Wine.

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