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About Mergelsø

About Mergelsø

Mergelsø is a small family run cidery, helmed by Jørgen, in the middle of a forest and lake estate in Jutland, Denmark. The name of the estate ‘’Mergelsø’’ comes from the fact that large volumes of marl (mergel in Danish) were excavated between 1930 – 1932 which were used for cultivating the very nutrient poor moor soils in the surrounding area. Marl is a combination of chalk, clay and gravel. After the excavation ended, the ground water took over and formed a lake(sø).


The soil surrounding Mergelsø is still rich in marl and together with the favorable micro climate from the lake, the estate has great conditions for growing apple trees. Mergelsø has a rare collection of old Danish varieties and number of wild self- pollinated apple trees. The trees are tall and blends into the forest. Not in any way an efficient modern apple orchard - but perfect for making great apples for cider. Plenty of skin, juice and terroir. The result? Complex, structured, and highly elegant ciders that are not only delicious, but also truly reflects the philosophy of working as closely with nature as possible.


In the cidery, they do not add any sulphur, yeast or any other additives throughout the process, and rely solely on the natural yeast present on the apples. Organic certified.

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