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About Nagelsbjerg Vin

About Nagelsbjerg Vin

Nagelsbjerg is a small danish producer of clean, dry and acid driven ciders from the treasurey of danish apples. From a background in fine arts and music and with a specific interest in the senses, Jens Peter is on an aestetic quest for the purrest expression of the fruit, the terroir and the vintage. The goal is simple: to express and evoke the great beauty of fermeted apple juice.

The fruit for Nagelsbjergs ciders originates from a few old orchards on Sjælland that are no longer in commercial production. However the trees are still thriving and growing into a natural balance with the surrondings as they are allowed to adapt – giving apples of extraordinary quality with zero input. The apples are eating and cooking varietals that was typicaly planted in Denmark around the 60s and 70s.

Apart from the orchards Nagelsbjerg also forage wild apples from Nordsjæland for a special cuveé. These apples comes from wild seedling trees that are growing along hedgerows and trenches, and they provide a kaleidoscope of unique flavours that are not found in cultivated fruit. In the cellar the apple is the master, and quality is detemined entirely by the fruit.

The ciders are only released when they reach their best drinking window, typicaly 2-3 years after the harvest. They mature in the bottle under lees for a long time, before release. A true master of cider. Exclusively available at Love, Wine.

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