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About Pomologik

About Pomologik

Pomologik is run by Johan and Oskar in the small town of Strängnäs, Sweden, about 2 hours away from central Stockholm in the municipality of Södermanland. Johan grew up on an organic farm away from the small town, which gave him an understanding of agriculture and the pure taste experience only fresh natural produce can offer.

The idea of a Swedish cider that could be measured along serious wines had been an idea since Johan completed his sommelier training. As such, he made trips to the cider capitals of Europe, Normandy and Basque country, to learn more. However, he soon realised that their techniques where never really applicable to the Swedish apples. Every year they would do new batches, but the results were never satisfying. It was not until they forgot to empty what they considered to be a bad batch, and then finding and tasting it a year later, that everything fell in place. They realised they should approach apples as how grapes are approached to make wines: with pressing, fermenting, and then a longer period of maturation.

The apples the cidery uses are a mixture of foraged wild apples, and organic apples from private orchards. There is little to no sulphur used at bottling, with some vintages certified organic. Only spontaneous fermentation, and lots of experimentation with co-ferments, which results in a plethora of different bottlings and vintages, each with their unique character.

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